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Andraste is a limited series about the Boudican rebellion in first century Britannia. It's also about what war does to families, the Roman propaganda machine, Druidic rituals, interdimensional mastiffs, and mouthless death goddesses. You heard me.

If you like Conan and Red SonjaSláine, Sara, and Northlanders, I think you'll like Andraste.

Issues #1-3 and Volume 1 are available on ComiXology and GlobalComix!, and as Macroverse episodes!

Print copies of Volume 1 are available in select comic shops, and will be available online in summer of 2021.

Andraste is written by Honor Vincent. Inks by Abel Cicero (IDW, Amigo comics), Unai Ortiz de Zarate (Dynamite, BOOM!), George Quadros (Full Moon), and Carlos Nieto (IDW, Full Moon). Colors by DC Alonso (Dark Horse, Disney, Lion Forge). Letters by Micah Myers (Image, Dark Horse, Heavy Metal). Covers by Ariel Colón.

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What people are saying about the series:

"Andraste #1 is a solid introduction to a story whose impact has carried over through the centuries. It’s an honest look at cost of war, in particular as it affects the innocent and can corrupt those who believe in the righteousness of their cause."
- The Pullbox

"From the first page Vincent creates a palpable spectre of menace that looms over the Iceni, as the foreboding shadow of the SPQR eagle standard seeps across their lands. Vincent has put in an incredible amount of research, and it shows in every scene that Abel Cicero brings to life. Each panel is beautiful and vibrant, a stark contrast to the foreboding glimpses of the coming war."

- Jason Cook, author of Blake Undying

"Really enjoyed this. Iron Age Britain, baby. Touching characters, beautifully drawn."

- Michael May, author of Kill All Monsters

"Honor Vincent’s first two issues in the series provide some interesting character development and world building, along with some valuable lessons about who writes history and for what purposes. It would be easy to adopt a more fanciful telling of the story, more of a swords and sandals, Conan and Red Sonja approach but the interaction between Timoleon and Pliny serves as a teaser of what that could look like, as well as a way of trying to ground the story in a more truthful telling."

- Big Comic Page

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